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New 2 Naturism. Why do it? 


So why do it?

If you want to go to a caravan-site and have a BBQ in the sunshine and a drink in the bar and a splash in the pool with your friends, well fine. 

But why do it nude?

Naturists talk about the unexpected sense of freedom that you experience when your skin is not wrapped in cloth. They mention the sense of openness & the new friends that you can make when society’s barriers and expectations have been removed.  And they talk about the different perspective on life that non-sexual social nudity brings.

But each person’s view is different. 


So rather than compile a consensus view, we have just posted what individuals have said. 


What do you think?

Relaxation, tranquility and total comfort

So what is naturism all about? It’s difficult to describe it until you try however once you have swum naked, enjoyed the warm sun and breeze on you body you will truly never know its feel-good value.
It gives a feeling of relaxation, of tranquility, of total comfort, of just enjoying the natural world in your own skin and simply a lot more comfortable than wearing clothes in hot weather. It’s rejuvenating and gives a feeling of amazing freedom and total well-being that simply can’t be matched. If you could put it in a bottle it would be a best seller!
The surprise is that meeting and talking to other naturists seems the most natural thing in the world, it’s not awkward and very, very quickly you just don’t notice.
So what about other naturists...well you see the real person and not the contrived image or borrowed coolness of brands of clothes or accessories. It is a very accepting community that values all without judgement or snobbery. Real friendships develop easily, naturally.
Everyone we have introduced to naturism has just loved it, and none of them would ever go back. So until you try you will simply never know!

Its a way of life for us

Naturism is now a way of life for us. So natural that if it’s warm enough, we forget that we are naked. Having been naturists for over 20 years, we know it can be a long journey for some; and we believe that it is often harder for women than men, to free themselves from the shackles of years of ingrained thinking that nudity is shameful and wrong. Clothes are worn for warmth, protection (e.g. in the workplace) and sometimes for beautification (to look glamorous or sexy) but to simply wear clothes because its expected is complying with an illogical and outdated social norm.


Naturists are folks that have overcome the social conditioning that it’s ‘rude to be nude’. They know that they can relax naked with others in a completely non-sexual environment. The sense of freedom and  tranquillity that emerges from naked relaxation is awesome and once the mind has made the transition, it seldom if ever goes back to the old Victorian thinking.


Key principles of naturism are trust, respect and non-sexual nudity. We enjoy sharing time with naturist friends at home, at clubs and on holiday. Embracing the joy of clothes free living and avoiding wearing clothes when they are not really needed is liberating. Naturism frees you from restrictive social rules and attitudes that when you stop to think about it, are totally unnecessary.

What's it about?

Naturism is about more than just skinny-dipping and having naked picnics, barbeques and parties amongst friends. Though that's all good.

It is about stripping away society’s status-signals and group-based presumptions and, instead, seeing each other as individuals with personal strengths, weaknesses & idiosyncrasies. Wearing a suit does not make you wise.

It is about choosing to be part of a human-sized community and contributing as best you can to what needs doing because you want to. Spontaneous liberty requires planning and hard work.

It is about recognising that productivity is not based on currency exchange and that value does not equal price. That's how White Rose can offer a caravan pitch, a swimming pool, a sauna and bar on an 11acre woodland site for under £500 per year.

How did you come to believe that naked was vulnerable, that your body was shameful and disgusting, and that there were things that at your age you should or should not do?

And remember: The best curve on anybody’s body is their smile.

It just feels good

I HATE the feeling of getting my swimsuit wet after a gorgeous swim in a pool or the sea. Once out of the water the wet swimsuit is just horrible! That realisation only comes to you after you’ve walked out of the sea or a pool naked and experienced the wonderful feeling of drying naturally with the wind kissing your body. Then, at a later date, you have to have a swimsuit on and it’s just awful. And I haven’t even mentioned skinny dipping yet - I guarantee that once you’ve tried that you will never go back.
When it’s hot it’s the best feeling to remove your clothes and just be free - free from sweating, free from  the tight confines of clothes and free from judgements being made on your outfit. The naturist world is very inclusive and forgiving- no need to worry about being ‘the body beautiful’ everyone is beautiful in their own way and totally accepted. The social side of naturism is also a plus. Naturists make the best friends because what you see is what you get, they are honest and open, forgiving, welcoming and great company.

Friendship is the first thing that comes to mind

When I was asked to describe what naturism means to me I thought that it would be easy. But, as often is the case, the simpler the subject the more complex it is to describe. Friendship is the first thing that comes to mind, closely followed by community, openness, fun and if my club (White Rose) is anything to go by, a wonderful mix of work, rest and play.

Friendships I have formed through naturism have crossed countries and lifetimes. I have attended weddings and parties, mourned the loss of friends and welcomed others to the community. My children grew with other children, played and learnt things that will help them in future life.

Oh and on top of this we take our cloths of when we can.

Naturism Quotes

"What spirit is so empty and blind, that it cannot recognize the fact that the foot is more noble than the shoe, and skin more beautiful that the garment with which it is clothed?"


"Many come to bring their clothes to church rather than themselves."

Thomas Fuller

"Some day people will grow up and realize that the only thing vile about human bodies is the small minds some people have developed within them."

Dick Hein

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