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New 2 Naturism : Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I wear?

Come to White Rose Club dressed as you would for a day at the seaside and prepared for the weather forecast on the day.

How do I get there?

Approach Cross Lane from the south but once in the lane do not rely on Sat-nav instruction. Come virtually all the way to the railway crossing before looking for our gates on your left. Please do not call at the neighbouring homes and businesses.

How do I gain entry?

Once here, call the duty members phone (number on a sign outside the green gates).


Our site is extensive and members may be engaged with other visitors so, whilst you should not expect extended delays at our gates, please wait patiently for a few minutes for admission.

When will I be expected to undress?

Visitors are required to arrive and depart our premises normally dressed. Any visitor who arrives other than normally dressed will not be admitted. Once you are within our grounds there is no absolute requirement to undress (except in the sauna and swimming pool) however, White Rose Club is a Naturist Club so any adult visitor who persistently fails to observe this convention, without just cause, may be seen as being discourteous to our naturist community and may be asked to leave. 

What if I meet someone I know?

In the relatively unlikely event that you should meet someone you already know, rest assured that they’re with us for the same reason that you are and, besides, naturists respect each other’s confidentiality.

What about my wobbly bits?

What about them? A day at White Rose Club will do wonders for your body confidence.

What should I bring with me?

Bring a beach towel or a ground sheet to place on the ground, a bath towel for when you shower and a small hand towel to place on furnishings when you sit down.

What catering facilities are there?

Light refreshments (tea, coffee, soft drinks, biscuits and ice cream) and drinks from the licensed bar (during evening licensing hours) are generally available and specified catering is provided to those who have booked to attend one of organised theme nights. Day visitors are advised to bring their own picnics and soft drinks if they wish and/or have special dietary requirements.

What payment methods are accepted?

White Rose Club is organised by club members on a voluntary basis. Payment for the sauna and for any catering will be required at or before the point of delivery. There are facilities to pay by card at the bar. The nearest card machine is some miles away, therefore it is important that all visitors come provided with sufficient cash for their requirements.

Where shall I park?

Visitor car parking will be provided on site but, due to space limitations, no vehicles with more than 8 seats or over 3.5T GVW and no caravans or motorhomes will be admitted unless they have been pre-booked with us for overnight accommodation. Please do not obstruct Cross Lane with your vehicle.

What are your opening times?

Entry will be from 09:00. Departure from our will be at times by individual arrangement but, for day visitors, will be before 22:00. Those staying overnight are requested not to depart before 09:00.

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White Rose Club

Naturist Tranquility in the heart of Yorkshire

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