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Don't worry. Everyone is a bit nervous the first time.

So you want to see what it is like at a naturist site, go skinny dipping, walk naked in the woods, sunbathe on the lawn and picnic nude in the sunshine, (perhaps it is on your 'bucket list'). But your partner is unsure and frankly you are pretty nervous too.


Many people are worried about their 'wobbily bits' because we are constantly shown images of 'perfect' bodies.


But you don't need to be afraid. As far as science can tell, human beings are the most wonderful things in the cosmos and you are one of them. And the best curve on anybody's body is their smile.

So come along, have a swim in the pool. Perhaps have a drink or two in the bar and a chat. If you like it - maybe you'll come again.

And if you don't - well you've tried it and no one need ever know...

Here are some people's initial experiences:

The big green gates of fear

The big green gates of fear!!! In 47 years I had never heard of naturism and now my new partner has told me that he is a naturist and would I like to come to site with him. What have I let myself in for? Is there an area behind the gate where I take my clothes off and put them in a locker? What happens when it’s cold. What’s expected of me?

The answer is nothing. Everyone made me feel welcome and no pressure was put on me to remove my clothes until I felt ok with it. Everyone on site has a community spirit that transcends social standing, colour, religion and personal lumps and bumps!!

Very, very new to this environment

My husband and I have only been naturists since November 2015, so we are very, very new to this environment but we were made so welcome at White Rose naturist site York, and it has become another adventure in our lives.

It is so peaceful and quiet if you just want to relax but there's swimming, mini-tennis, boules, and a nature walk too. There are alot of interesting people to get to know and events to join in from Burn's night, sports day, Greek night to Halloween, dressing up and taking part, getting involved, we can really recommend it.

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White Rose Club

Naturist Tranquility in the heart of Yorkshire

07743 868 809

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