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New to naturism?

If skinny dipping is on your 'bucket list', (but you've never dared), or you have gone topless/ nude on holiday but never in the UK, or you would like to sunbathe nude in the garden but the neighbours would see... then come to White Rose.

  • Visit our 11 acre grounds, clubhouse and swimming pool

  • Sunbathe on the terrace

  • Swim in the pool

  • Electronic detox! Switch off your gadgets.

  • Watch the sunrise and walk barefoot across the grass in the morning dew

  • Early morning skinny dip

  • Relax and picnic on the lawn

  • Walk nude through the woods

  • Dance, run or swim naked in the rain

  • Warm up in the sauna

  • Watch the sun set

  • Chat around the log pit or in the bar 

  • Midnight skinny dip

  • Sleep under the stars

And remember: The best curve on anybody's body is their smile

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White Rose Club

Naturist Tranquility in the heart of Yorkshire

07743 868 809

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