White Rose Club

Welcomes genuine naturists to join. The club is run by the members and we have no paid staff. As a result, our membership fees are modest. Applications for membership are considered carefully to ensure that new members share our values and will contribute towards the life, care and maintenance of the club. 

So, if you can't get enough of our peaceful naturist haven, why not consider membership so that you can enjoy our facilities all year round. Examples of members' pitches are shown here.

Membership fees 2020-21


​Annual membership fee - £185 each

Site rent - £150

Joining fee £40 (payable upon becoming a full member)

Application form


​To request an application form please speak to the duty member or any member of our committee. Post the completed form to our secretary at the following address:

​Post to:


White Rose Club Ltd, Ashwood, Cross Lane, Flaxton, York, YO60 7QZ

Membership Process

At White Rose we are careful when assessing new requests for Membership. When we have considered your application, and wish to pursue it we will tell the Club Members about your application but only disclose your first names and postcode. You will then be invited to make three further visits to the Club. This helps you get to know the Club and some of the members. During one visit you will be invited to meet the Managing Committee for an informal chat. If you and the Club wish to continue the application process then you will be offered Associate Membership

Upon successful completion of the trial period applicants may be offered full membership at which point;

  • Members, if they wish, are allocated their own spacious site to house their tent, caravan or motor home. These can be used throughout the year but with restrictions on the total number of nights in occupation.

  • Alternatively, members can choose just to come and go to the Club as they please throughout the year.