30 Days Wild: Terms and Conditions

Visitors are required to arrive and depart our premises normally dressed. Any visitor who arrives other than normally dressed will not be admitted.

Payment for entry to the event will be on arrival.

Visitors are reminded that White Rose Club is a Naturist Club and when the weather permits adult visitors should, when within the premises, remove all clothing.  Any adult visitor who persistently fails to observe this convention, without just cause, may be seen as being discourteous to our naturist community and may be asked to leave. 

Nudity in the swimming pool and sauna is obligatory for all.

Visitors are expected to behave in a sensible and considerate manner at all times and respect other visitors, club members and club property.

Any visitor whose behaviour is in contravention of the rules of ordinary society will be asked to leave our premises. Behaviours that breach common law will be reported to the appropriate authorities without delay.

Under no circumstances are visitors allowed to bring animals on the site (with the exception of Assistance/Guide Dogs for the Disabled). When Assistance/Guide Dogs are on site the owner is responsible for the dog at all times.

No vehicle will exceed 5 mph or be driven in a dangerous manner on our premises.

Whilst tattoos and piercings are allowed no genital adornment of any kind will be permitted.

Trespassing on adjoining property is strictly forbidden, entrance to and exit from White Rose Club must be affected via the main gate only.

Photography will not be permitted at this event.

White Rose Club reserves the right to refuse admission, to withdraw or terminate an invitation and to expel any visitor without giving a reason and without any refund of admission charges.

White Rose Club Limited reserves the right to amend the schedule for this event without notice.

Wild activities suggested by White Rose Club may be dependent upon the seasonal appearance of wild creatures or plants or upon climatic, solar or astronomical events over which it has no control. White Rose Club Limited will not be held liable for the non-occurrence of such events.

White Rose Club Limited reserves the right to refuse permission for any wild activity which it considers inappropriate.

Liability for damage to or loss (including theft) of visitors’ property is limited to damage or loss suffered as a result of the negligence of White Rose Club Limited and its members

White Rose Club Limited will not accept liability for any accident or injury to any visitor that may occur on the premises other than liability which may arise from the negligence of White Rose Club Limited or its members. All such incidents must be reported immediately to a White Rose Club Limited representative

White Rose Club Ltd                   tel: 07743 868 809                   e-mail: whiteroseclub@hotmail.co.uk

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