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Costa del Sol

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We stayed in Almunecar which is approximately 1 hour east of Malaga. By the time you get this far eastwards the towns are getting smaller and more “Spanish”. The beaches we are going to mention are feasible for a day trip if you have a hire car and are staying in Malaga or Nerja as well.

Our favourite was called Cantarriján beach. It is just west of La Herradura and easily found on Google Maps. It is a pebbly beach and so you need to take chairs or something padded.  On the first bay you come to there are two beach restaurants and the one on the west is the good one. This first bay is approximately 50% naturist and everyone seems relaxed to be sharing the same beach. The second bay is 90% naturist and a very comfortable environment.

At the east boundary of Torro del Mar is Almanat  naturist campsite - we didn’t stay there but had a tour round and it had good facilities and was well run. You can use the beach there for a €3. It is 100% naturist and a very comfortable environment. The only downside is that the sand is black and the coast line is a bit featureless. There is a decent restaurant on the beach and in the main season it is nude mandatory.

On the eastern edge of Almunecar there is a shale beach with 3 bays. The first is textile. The second is an accepted nude beach but in practice is a mixture although family friendly. The 3rd bay large and is fully naturist and you can find a nice quiet spot but you do need to distance yourself from a handful of voyeuristic males.


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